How does Electrical Muscle Stimulation work?

EMS is used primarily to prevent muscle atrophy, often as a post-surgical treatment for patients following an injury or illness. Muscle atrophy is the weakening of under-used muscles. EMS sends an electrical pulse to stimulate the nerves, prompting those under-used muscles to expand and contract and prevent the onset of atrophy.

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How does EMS lead to weight loss?

During an EMS treatment, blood circulation is increased, metabolism speeds up, and fat is burned. When muscles expand and contract as a result of the electrical stimulation, they experience many of the same benefits provided by typical exercise. By stimulating under-used muscles, EMS helps prevent your body from becoming saggy and flabby, and increases muscle tone to create a healthier, firmer appearance.

Who uses EMS?

Athletes and body-builders use EMS as a supplement to strength training. It increases muscle tone and endurance and leads to a loss of fatty tissue due to the increase in blood circulation that is created. EMS is also widely used for people following surgical procedures, during times when they are restricted from getting out and exercising as they normally do. EMS is used to keep muscles toned during the period of inactivity until the patient has healed enough to resume a standard exercise regimen.

Is EMS painful?

No, it is a pain-free procedure.

How long does an EMS treatment take?

The typical EMS treatment lasts roughly 30 minutes.

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